Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Purpose of this Blog

As I noted on my web space (Currently Spin Attack Central, in the future something else; I'll explain), I've wanted to do some kind of blog based on my recent forays into non-electronic gaming. More specifically, Magic: The Gathering And WARMACHINE/HORDES. At first I was going to use my space for that, but as I got to thinking I really didn't want to have to worry about the hassle of archiving everything. So I decided to go with a generic blog instead.

The space isn't going anywhere; once I have a little more free time I intend to whip up something in Python that would enable something I've wanted to do for a couple years now: A Magic "Box League." I have the know-how to do it, just not the time. Jobs don't find themselves.

Which leads me to a little bit about myself. I'm 23, I've lived in the Detroit area since forever. I've been playing Magic since my sophomore year of high school. I got my first HORDES models about a year and a half ago, and WARMACHINE followed suit a few months later. I'm relatively hooked to all three. What sucks is that the store I've been going to for the last 3 years in order to play all of these games recently closed its doors. One of the main reasons I'm doing this blog, including my upcoming project which I'll get to, is because without this gaming time I have been bored. And since my work schedule has increased due to it being summer, I haven't had time to go to the other stores in the area to test stuff I've wanted to, so I'm starving for games. (In particular, I've had the Butcher of Khardov, Supreme Kommandant Irusk, Drago, and a squad of Assault Kommandos sitting around without any mark I games under their belts, and the AK's haven't seen anything.)

So yeah, this blog is basically going to be my creative outlet. My Magic content will be mostly casual-oriented, using deck ideas I've come up with that are either synergistic or "combolicious." Sometimes both. The WM/H content will be somewhat casual, but I won't hesitate to come up with a list that could be competitive. I'll post some of my painting stuff as well. There'll be other stuff too, but at current I have no idea what that will be. Of course, that's what the "miscellaneous" tag is for.

The last thing I'm going to mention in this intro post is that WARMACHINE project I mentioned. I've spent the last couple days going through Prime: Remix and Primal and making a few random lists based on each 'caster in those books. (Naturally my Trollbloods and Khador have been the easiest.) So far, they're all at the 500 level. I plan on playing a few games against myself (scenario: assassins) just to satisfy the boredom, proxying models in most cases as I only play two factions. Just something to do when I'm bored. Over the next several days I'm going to be posting the competitors. Each one will come with a 500-point list (Prime- or Primal-only) and the basic strategy for each one that I intend to use. (Ideally I'd have loved to have a 4-bracked faction-on-faction thing, but unfortunately the books only have 3 'casters each. I am thinking about picking up the other books now, though.)

First one up will probably be late tonight. It'll be the one I came up with first, a heavy melee-oriented Skarre list for Cryx. Seemed like a good place to start, plus if I were a Cryx player I'd probably main Skarre. Look for that later on.

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